Who is behind MerchBox?

Meet MerchBox!

So, you’re curious about MerchBox? After over a year helping businesses to deliver the best quality branded merchandise, we thought it was time you got to know us better. Allow us to introduce ourselves…

Who is behind MerchBox?

Our Founder, Chris Pitts is a promotional merchandise enthusiast! After years of experience living and breathing everything branded, MerchBox was born as a solution to all the usual frustrations involved in choosing and ordering promotional merchandise.

Particularly with all the changes in working practices we have seen over the last couple of years, whether it be hybrid working or working from home, Chris wanted to be able to offer a solution for businesses to continue to promote themselves safely without a physical presence. Then there was the challenge of accommodating companies who had downsized premises and didn’t have the space to store promotional merchandise.

All this paved the way for MerchBox, launched in May 2020, providing a slick solution for our customers who can trust us to Pick, Pack, Store and Send their promotional merchandise without any fuss.

Why choose MerchBox?

What is a MerchBox?

A MerchBox can be whatever you want it to be! Your MerchBox might be one from our fantastic portfolio of pre-selected promotional merchandise boxes, or a completely bespoke solution chosen by you.

MerchBox offers so much more than just promotional merchandise in a box. We provide an integrated solution for all your promotional merchandise projects. From welcome boxes for a new team member, gifts for customers and boxes for marketing campaigns, right through to merchandise for tradeshows and exhibitions, we can store your chosen MerchBoxes and send them wherever they need to go, on demand.

Why choose MerchBox?

MerchBox has been built on the principle of fulfilling our customers’ needs. You told us you wanted a solution to the hours wasted finding and selecting separate pieces of promotional merchandise, approving proofs and having to pack and send everything separately. Gone are the days of having to use mail merge to distribute gifts and promotional items, MerchBox has it all covered.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented us with the biggest challenges but that’s what has made us who we are today! We offer endless solutions for our customers from ‘off the shelf’ MerchBoxes to fully bespoke MerchBoxes, built by you. This coupled with a complete fulfilment service that can integrate products that are not purchased from us but add great value to your project the possibilities are endless! We can also store goods, offering exceptional savings on bulk orders. Making us the integrated solution for all your promotional merchandise projects.