The fully loaded Tech Ultra MerchBox gives the ultimate in Tech accessories and offers the best-in-class products with the greatest print areas to get your brand seen. The Tech Ultra MerchBox gives you a wide variety of tech accessories to gift your team or send your branded merchandise to your customers and prospective customers. The Tech Ultra MerchBox offers handpicked accessories that can be used over and over again. The Tech Ultra MerchBox contains: Power Bank With Keychain Phone Stand Headphones in Case Pop Stand Circular Wireless Charger Eyla BT Speaker Kaja 16GB USB As with all of our MerchBoxes, the outer box is made from recycled material and the decorative tissue for the inner is also recycled and recyclable. This is an exceptional MerchBox with products that can be used daily. Each Product can be branded with any 1 colour print logo, making each pack unique to your company or organisation. Each product is available in a wide range of colours allowing you to coordinate the colours of the product or match your brand colours. Send your branded Tech accessories to your colleagues and customers with the Tech Ultra MerchBox. Here is just an idea of what we can do for you. If you like what you see but maybe want to add something a little different from our product portfolio then fill in the form below to our Make My MerchBox team.