Classic MerchBox

The Classic MerchBox is the sort of box we can put together that puts your brand on our most popular products.

We can make it really simple and cost effective with just 1 product or as many as you like.

You can order is as little as 1 box and the more you order the better value they become.

An example of what we can do is The Classic can have a Notebook And Matching Pen with a Thank You Card in a Personalised Box and we can do that from just £2.55*

For those that want a bit extra you could add a Powerbank to the Notebook and the Matching Pen again, all supplied in a personalised box with a Thank You Postcard in your design and you could have that from £3.75*

Even when we add in a Metal Water Bottle with the Powerbank, Notebook and Pen (in the personalised box) with your Thank You Card, that could be done for £5.35*

We would also recommend that you add in some Sweets (everyone loves a sweet treat) and we can give you a choice of literally anything – we like Maltesers!


*We have based the pricing on unbranded merchandise with a Personalised box and your own design Thank You Card.

Prices from £2.55* per MerchBox


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