Home Work MerchBox

Working from home is still an option for some and it’s nice to reach out to people and tell them they are valued and remembered.

A box with Notebooks, Pens, Mugs, Post-It Notes – anything for home working can be developed.

For £2.15* we can create a MerchBox with a some Post-It Notes and a Pen and a Snack.

Going right to the top, we can have a full Coffee Break MerchBox with a Mug, Coffee, Biscuit, Notebook and Pen – and that can be for £10.25*

We can create just 1 box with a single product and a Thank You card.The more you order the better value they become and 


*We have based the pricing on unbranded merchandise with a Personalised box and your own design Thank You Card.

Prices from £2.15* per MerchBox


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