Stay Safe MerchBox

Whilst we are still having to stay safe, we can create a MerchBox that contains so essential products.

We can add Masks, Sanitizer, Styluses and even Wallets to keep your mask. There is a wide range of products we can offer.

Prices are from £2.05 can get you a MerchBox with a Mask and Santizer* all inside a box with your logo and a Thank You Card

Adding more products is possible.

The products shown can be all be added for £9.85*

Even if it is 1 product in 1 box, we can do that and a Thank You card. The more you order the better value they become and 


*We have based the pricing on unbranded merchandise with a Personalised box and your own design Thank You Card.

Prices from 2.05 per MerchBox


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