Tech It MerchBox

Being out and about is starting to return. So having the tech to keep going is important.

A MerchBox around Tech items can be created – Powerbanks Headphones, Webcams, Speakers, Laptop Bags – there is a huge choice.

A effective MerchBox can be from £3.15* which would have a Powerbank and Webcam Cover in a box with your logo and Thank You card.

But there is no need to stop there, add in a Speaker and the price may go to £6.25* 

Then go even further with the addition of Headphones and you will be at £9.65*

If all you need is 1 box with 1 Product and a Thank You card, we can do that. The more you order the better value they become and 


*We have based the pricing on unbranded merchandise with a Personalised box and your own design Thank You Card.


Prices from 3.15 per MerchBox


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