Store N Send


Store and Send

MerchBox have developed our Store N Send Facility to meet the new requirements of a dynamic marketplace.

With many Companies adopting a “work from home” strategy, MerchBox has seen an increase in demand for our clients needing to store their promotional merchandise with us, and, when ready, we send out for their projects. 

Maybe you have no need for a warehouse facility anymore? 
Maybe you downsized your office?
Maybe you need help for your marketing team to get product to where it needs to?

MerchBox gives you the ability to purchase and store your promotional merchandise.  

When its time to send out, MerchBox have a multitude of different options to ship to your Colleagues and Customers on your demand.

Exhibiting at a show?

Look no further than MerchBox to fulfil your promotional merchandise needs.

Our Store and Send facility means you can pre-build and pre purchase your MerchBoxes. Send them directly to your target audience that have visited your stand. 

Simply download your enquiry barcode reader at the end of each day, send us the csv file with your customers address, and we will send out for you on a next day courier.

No reason to store boxes of merch on your stand. No more missed opportunities after the show. You will receive tracking to let you know your prospects or customers have received their MerchBox and you can call the warm lead!

MerchBox, the fully integrated promotional solution for your business.

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